San Francisco Shipyards

New Shipyard Photos, Sep 2000
Google Satellite View of Shipyards 2005

The San Francisco Shipyards exist at Pier 70 in the Central Basin. There are three active Dry Docks, and usually one or two ships in Drydock at any time. Mostly frieghters, sometimes a military ship, and a few times a year a Carnival Cruise Ship.

The original Pier 70 has given in to the sea. However, in the distance you can see the still maintained extension of it. The Shipyards will use this pier when readying a ship to sale if all other docks are full. We've seen it active only once in the last year.

The old building where Submarines were manufactured for WWII

The Bus Graveyard nextdoor to the shipyards. Old Muni Busses and Trolleys end up here before being sold as scrap.

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Illinois Street Bridge over Islais Creek project plan documentation. This will answer all your questions about the new bridge connecting Pier 80 and Pier 90 in San Francisco.